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Wellis Crystal is an environment-friendly all-in-one product for treating water in jacuzzis, massage pools and swim-spa pools, cleans easy and efficient from the water surface to the bottom of the pool.

Using Wellis Crystal once a week dissolves already deposited limescale and can prevent limescale deposit which serves as a culture medium for bacteria and other microorganisms. The UV-light or ozone generator installed in the massage pool destroys the dissolved bacteria and disinfects the water.

The result is a crystal clear and pleasant, soft-feeling water.


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Booster Cushion for Pools Fixable and adjustable size based on water level. With the help of the suction cups there’s no need to worry about the cushion sliding or moving.

Spa Wand The Spa Wand manual pool cleaner with special heads allows to collect dirt from the steps, the bottom and the water surface of the pool without draining the water.

Manual Filter cartridge cleaner The world’s number one system in filter cartridge cleaning allows cleaning 8 lamellae at once, splash-free, easy and practical use!

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